Before you go any further, allow me to say - THANK YOU!

Thank you for clicking the link that brought you here. It means more than you'll ever know and I hope you sense my immense gratitude.

That said, here's a little about me.

From as far back as I can remember I thoroughly enjoyed the creative outlet writing gave. In primary school, though I fell short on having the bragging rights that came from being first in my English class, I will always be remembered as the kid who wrote the weirdest stuff. I can vividly remember my dear mother sitting me down (after she was sat down by my teacher) to discuss my Beetlejuice-inspired 4th-grade story which wasn't meant to be that deep. Grade 4 was never ready for me, but in retrospect, I wasn't either and allowed life to happen to my dream of one day becoming a writer.

Fast forward 10+ years later, I dropped the weird, kept the creativity, and re-discovered my love for writing through the painful loss of my mother and best friend; following Ernest Hemmingway's advice to write hard about what hurts. Since then, I've learned expository writing and have gone on to ghostwrite for several websites both locally (South Africa) and abroad. Several intriguing copies of digital marketing and SEO later led me into the exciting world of Content Marketing where I've written keyword/phrase-rich blog posts and web content. Being a strategic thinker in nature, I thought it beneficial to complete certificates in Content Marketing and Google Analytics. Currently, I am completing an energizing Diploma in Digital Marketing and using my full-time job to gain more experience.

Though I've dabbled in many different niches, each piece of content is unique and, both passionately and purposefully written with the aim being two-fold.  To:

1. Paint a picture so vivid that my readers are taken to a place they've never been before and,

2. Evoke the kind of emotion that causes them to take action.

Don't take my word for it, have a look at what I've done and decide for yourself. Under the Work tab, you will find the content I've ghost-written and blogged while the Web Content tab will direct you to, you guessed it, the web content I've written.

If you see the value I can add to building your online presence, please feel free to contact me.

There are two types of websites out there: the one that requires you to pay for coding to be done for it to look and do what you need for it to or, the other that simply requires you to choose a template that does what you need for it too.

Both are optimizable, though the latter is more cost-effective than the former, it still requires you to know how to create a responsive site, being fluid for optimal viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices.

WordPress is a trusted platform that’s been around for almost 20 years. With an impressive selection of responsive themes that are as attractive as they are user-friendly and with 50 000 plugins to choose from, there are several ways to engage with your target audience.

I have to date built 2 fully operational WordPress sites. From assisting in the domain name available to add the content that will assist in getting your foot in the door with Google’s SERP (search engine results page).

With an up and running website up, I offer site maintenance and ongoing SEO to assist you in being more visible to your target audience. I do this by incorporating the keywords and phrases your audience already uses to search for the content they find valuable.

Finally, if you see the value in attraction marketing I could throw in a blog and monthly newsletter that will not only add the coveted keywords to your website to attract users but also establish you as the industry giant you are… All while subliminally letting your audience know that when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision you're the best place to go.


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